Energy Star Services

Government agencies, school districts, and colleges and universities all play a vital role in our daily lives. However, it takes careful administration of facilities and sound management of finances to ensure the resources necessary to deliver outstanding public services and high-quality education that constituents expect.

As an Energy Star Service and Product Provider, NRG Controls makes it easy for you to care for our constituents, your facilities, and your finances. Through energy efficiency, your organization can save money, further enhance productivity and learning, and help prevent greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Star is more than a label awarded for energy efficiency. It is a partnership among government, business, and consumers, united in pursuit of a common goal—to protect our environment for future generations. In fact, Energy Star is recognized by more than 65 percent of the American public, and that percentage is expected to grow in the near future.

NRG Controls is an Energy Star service and product provider that has the expertise to help your organization:

  • Reduce your energy costs and operating expenses.
  • Enhance staff productivity and students’ learning environments.
  • Lead by example and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming.

NRG Controls will partner with you to:

  • Assess the energy performance of your facilities: Using EPA’s Energy Performance Rating System, we will identify improvement opportunities by rating the efficiency of your facility to similar buildings nationwide.
  • Set energy performance goals: We use EPA’s Commercial Building Design Guidance to help you set meaningful goals and develop energy efficiency plans for new and existing facilities.
  • Create and implement an action plan: We use the guidance provided in the Energy Star Building Upgrade Manual to justify projects in powerful financial terms, prioritize opportunities, and establish plans for reaching targets.
  • Calculate financial value: To help you quantify and communicate the value of improved energy efficiency, we will help you utilize EPA’s Cash Flow Opportunity Calculator to calculate the cost of delaying energy-efficiency improvements and waiting for better interest rates.
  • Evaluate your progress: Once a project is underway, we will work with you to track energy use and financial savings, and compare improved energy performance against your goals through the Energy Performance Rating System.

To begin taking advantage of the benefits of improved energy performance, or to learn more about our affiliation with PPL: E-Power Solutions programs, contact NRG Controls today at or call 717.939.2400.

The people of NRG Controls are the reason Blue Mountain School District depends exclusively on NRG for support of our buildings' controls systems and mechanical equipment."

Jeffry E. Ritschel
Supervisor, Buildings and Grounds, Reporting Senior, Blue Mountain School District Energy Management Program