First-time clients want to work with successful companies.  Long-time clients stay with companies that are trustworthy.  NRG Controls, Inc. is both successful and trustworthy.

NRG has worked with the Northern Lebanon School District for many years providing the expertise needed to help us become more efficient and effective. From day one they were on location and stayed here until the program was completed. They took their time to teach our personnel everything that was needed in order to reach our maximum potential. In addition, the on-going professional development training was completed in a timely fashion and in a friendly atmosphere. Simply put, we were on a mission together.

Over the past 25 years of my experience in public education, I have been solicited by many companies. During that time very few have had such a positive impact on the total school environment as NRG.  While no system is perfect, I have found that the promises made by NRG were always met and I knew that our facilities and management systems would perform exactly as I was told.  Our students now perform at their highest academic level and employees achieve their assigned tasks because they are working in the ideal environment provided by NRG.

Whether it is a new initiative or the re-construction of an old one, I am convinced that you will be able to save time, energy, and money with the proven success and trust of NRG Controls. I strongly recommend NRG for your next project."

Dr. Don Bell
Superintendent of Schools
Northern Lebanon School District

Companies are only as good as the people who work for them. The people of NRG Systems are the reason Blue Mountain School District depends exclusively on NRG for support of our buildings’ controls systems and mechanical equipment.

Nationally recognized for their Energy Management Program and their distinction of being an Energy Star High Leader, Blue Mountain School District takes energy conservation very seriously. Our partnership with NRG over the last decade has been a key component to our success in energy conservation. We fondly refer to them as our unofficial energy managers.

A December 11, 2008, press release announcing the EPA’s recognition of Blue Mountain as one of Energy Star’s highest leaders specifically mentions our partnership with NRG Controls, an approved Energy Star Provider of control and HVAC services. As a featured guest presenter at PA Senator Argall’s energy forum hosted by Blue Mountain in October 2009, NRG personnel shared valuable information about the importance of getting the most from building controls systems in order to conserve energy.

Our relationship with NRG started in 2000 when their direct digital control (DDC) system was installed as part of a capital project at Blue Mountain High School. In order to realize all its benefits, a unique preventative maintenance program was instituted that facilitated on the job controls system training by NRG for district maintenance staff. That agreement continues on now, and I consider it the biggest bang for the buck line item in the facilities budget.

Having worked in the building trades and facility management for thirty-nine years, I have worked with many firms for maintaining building controls and mechanical systems. I consider the people of NRG Controls simply the best at what they do."

Jeffry E. Ritschel
Supervisor, Buildings and Grounds; Reporting Senior, Blue Mountain School District Energy Management Program